Enhance your music experience and social engagement with your favorite artists!

Artists on the MAJiiK platform have loaded our Interactive Souvenir cards with music, videos, artwork and so much more. Redeem a card and get instant access to all that fantastic content direct from your computer or mobile device! Here are just a few of your benefits...

  • - MAJiiK Interactive Souvenir cards are the perfect concert souvenir and limited edition collectible
  • - Stay connected to your favorite artists like never before
  • - Never miss special messages from artists about exclusive offers, promotions and upcoming events
  • - Access music, content, artist social hubs and more from your laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile device – anywhere, anytime


Get started TODAY by redeeming your MAJiiK Interactive Souvenir card!


GET More!   DO More!   MAKE More!   ...with MAJiiK

The MAJiiK platform combines our Interactive Souvenir cards with our patent-pending technology to give you a complete global ecosystem for delivering and managing content, socially connecting and communicating with your fans and new ways to monetize your audience. Here are just a few of your benefits...
  • - Our Interactive Souvenir cards meet the highest industry standards
  •   (They really are souvenir, momento and collectible quality)
  •      >> Weatherproof - won’t fade, peel or scratch
  •      >> Supports artwork at the highest resolutions
  •      >> Fully customizable and instantly dries when signed!
  •          (Try that on the "other guys" laminate cards)
  • - Use as ticket, VIP pass, credential, merch item and in bundled sales
  • - Increases album sales at events and online with automatic chart reporting
  • - Real-time fan communication, improved engagement and enhanced fan experiences
  • - Establishes your own private network with an integrated social hub
  • - Actionable analytics so you make the right decisions
  • - New ways to monetize your audience and fan base
  •   (global e-commerce options, interactive and proximity messaging, integrated ticketing, visual augmentation, animation, and much more...)


What do I get when I partner with MAJiiK?

Here are just a few of the features and services you can expect from us...
Store as much content as you like
Fans get all the bandwidth they need
Manage your content and communicate with Fans using our
Publisher Dashboard and administrative tools
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and the web
24x7 Technical Support Center
Art design services
Implementation Management Services
Sponsor Services