Tamara Lebak

Tamara Lebak is a singer/songwriter born from two singer/songwriters and mother of an 8 year old. Melodies are simple americana/folk rock inspired and lyrics are memorable and layered in meaning. Her current album project is The Psalms Project (volume 1 out Jan 2018). Tamara is a Universalist minister who believes that the Bible is ultimately about the relentless and persistent love of God for everyone. She is writing a song based on the Psalms (in order) and wants to introduce a new generation to the Psalms through music grounded in scripture but filtered through a lens of today. Tamara embodies inclusivity before she's even begun to sing. She has completed a congregational hymn book for Volume 1 Psalms 1-25, is touring with her drummer and wife Bonnie to share these new songs in congregations and seminaries around the country. Tamara continues to write weekly with plans for Volume 2 (26-50) in 2019. Her first album Dear Oklahoma is a love letter to Oklahoma. According to the Tulsa World Tamara describes, "My work, my heart, my soul, my church, my spouse and my family are all in this state. The song asks “Why is it so hard to love us back?” The title track was written before gay marriage was legal in Oklahoma. Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex unions was deemed unconstitutional but public opinion in Oklahoma is still in transition. "My parents were born in Oklahoma. I was raised in Oklahoma. This song is an expression of the Oklahoma I know and love.” Rev. Lebak said. “I pray that this song will speak to the hearts and minds of those living in our state who may not realize that there are hardworking, religious people who share their heritage and their core values who are denied the freedom to marry. Marriage Equality happened in our state because the law was on our side. We still have love on our side. However, we may be the only state to have marriage equality without non-discrimination laws on the books. Oklahomans should be supporting Oklahomans, no matter who they love. This is my contribution.”