Roadie: My Documentary Film with Extra Content - TJ Hoffmann

Roadie: My Documentary Film with Extra Content - TJ Hoffmann

Artist: TJ Hoffmann

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Unapologetically indie, “Roadie: MY Documentary” spans the 20-year career of roadie turned filmmaker, TJ Hoffmann. TJ takes you behind-the-scenes and on-the-run with road crews to better understand their history and profession, their struggles, and their enormous impact on the evolution of music.

Filmed in a handful of countries over the course of ten years, “Roadie” began as a quest to find out what was the passion, motive, or moment that made someone want to become a roadie. But over time, another narrative is discovered. TJ, the man behind the camera, begins to see himself more clearly as he’s interviewing others and is forced to confront his own inner demons from life on the road.

This package includes extra content, including bonus footage and behind-the-scenes photos!

Rock on Roadie Nation!


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